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ho hummm. is there really anything new?

the name is ashley, and i'm fifteen years old.
i found, being young gives you this optimistic outlook until you can finally see what being an adult is like.
november, 16th.
scorpio -- which fits me.

stubborn. self-assured. determined. over competitive.
artistic. laid back at times and aggressive and argumentative at others.
very temperamental and easily made to feel a certain way, but i stand my ground and
defend it. definitely loyal. intelligent and decently well-read.
most of all, i like having a good time.

i live up (or maybe down?) in new jersey. jersey, babes.
and it's all good, a nice state, and i love the winters here the most. it's nice.
i'm into a bunch of different types of music.
rock and alternative especially. i'm into some classical and musicals and some pop, country, blahh. just all things that please my ears!

i'm weird because i like typing in all lowercases or CAPS LOCK, I SWEAR.
i write, play piano, draw a little. you know.
i'm into a couple fandoms, but i usually go full out in one:

axis powers hetalia / katekyo hitman reborn / naruto / eureka seven / blood+ / bleach / avatar: the last airbender / tsubasa reservoir
chronicle / the outsiders / kingdom hearts ii / house m.d. / ncis / les miserables / a separate peace

catholic school isn't all too bad. i don't know, my parents sent me there not only to apparently teach me some "respect" but also because it's a better school. it's all right once you get over the uniforms.
i'm pretty amazing at making friends i guess? and i think i'm a bit physical, as in, i like to DO things and to see them for myself.
small towns are the best, even though everything seems to far away. maybe that's the good thing about it?
it's been all my life.

and i swear. a lot. sad to say.

likes ; a lot of things. i swear, you don't even want to know. it'll like come to you when we talk. but especially you ♥

dislikes ; the normal things, liars, hypocrites (they really bother the hell out of me), people who use others, take advantage of them, people who drop people for just about nothing. people who think they are so much better--hey! that's a song from legally blonde the musical--than everyone else. overly mainstream stuff, i like things that make sense. i don't like a lot of things, but usually that part of me won't show.

i'm not going to go over the story of my life because i don't think it's worth it. so many kids and teens and people in general go through the same thing. yeah, not worth it. i don't think i've gone through too much during my life so far, but just that i haven't been liking it. attitude makes everything i guess. haha. like seriously.

who knows where this story will go?

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